EP # 24
TZ Release: 22/11/2015
US Airdate: 06/05/1998
Stardate Unknown

In desperate need of deuterium, Voyager lands on an uninhabitable class-Y planetoid which sensors read as rich in the fuel source. While investigating the mineral deposits, Tom and Harry are transformed into organisms that can survive the harsh conditions…

The Trekzone Review

Finally an episode where the ship was in mortal danger of being unable to go any further… for about thirty minutes of screen time at least. The main problem of being low on fuel was never actually addressed in the end, just all of sudden everything was normal and we were on our way again.

We’ll catch up with these bio-mimetic copies of our crew next season, for now they’re enjoying sentience for the first time and that’s nice, although it would’ve been even nicer to see them discovering life a little more to give their story a some extra oomph.

Meanwhile, did anyone else notice new-Harry? He’s confident and eager to express his ideas. Don’t worry though, next episode things will be back to normal.

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