EP # 17
TZ Release: 30/07/2015
US Airdate: 12/02/1996
Stardate 49447

Investigating a debris field, Torres discovers that the destruction was a result of Cardassian weapons fire… from a missle that she helped reprogram for a Maquis mission in the Alpha Quadrant. The missle, nicknamed Dreadnought, believes it’s still on course for it’s target…

The Trekzone Review

Torres must confront her past ‘hot-headed-ness’ (that’s a word…) as Dreadnought appears in the Delta Quadrant – a Cardassian missile that failed to explode over a Maquis colony that she then reprogrammed to fire back at the Cardassians… but it was flung to the Delta Quadrant by the Caretaker. Now it’s here and wanting to destroy a perfectly peaceful society because it believes it still is on track for it’s original target.

Meanwhile, the seeds of Paris’ dissent are sown here once again, leading up to his episode later in the season.

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