PROD # ENT 179
EP # 3
TZ Release: 05/12/2012
US Airdate: 22/10/2004
Stardate Unknown

Follow a hero’s welcome on their return to Earth, Archer clashes with Ambassador Soval during debriefing, T’Pol faces her arranged marriage on Vulcan and Phlox discovers that humanity’s hospitality towards aliens is severely strained…

The Trekzone Review

A nice happy all round episode which deals with the aftermath of the Xindi attack… while for us it’s been over a year since the probe unleased hell and killed seven million – it’s still fresh in the minds of many humans… and probably even a precursor to the two parter later on this season…

A nice neat way to tie everything up and set the next episode up to get started on the greatest season of Star Trek.

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