EP # 25
TZ Release: 23/11/2015
US Airdate: 13/05/1998
Stardate 51929.3

Unable to go around a nebula with radioactive properties the crew is placed in stasis, leaving The Doctor and Seven of Nine to maintain the ship for the month-long journey through the desolate region…

The Trekzone Review

Seven faces her toughest challenge in this episode, it’s been a little over seven months since her disconnection from the Collective and her uneasy acceptance of the small crew compliment (compared to a Borg cube) is compounded once again having to deal with just a hologram for company… especially when the Doc’s mobile emitter goes off-line forcing him to stay in sickbay.

This is a standout early ep for Jeri Ryan, it’s never easy to integrate with the cast half way through a series… let alone carry the bulk of an episode by yourself. I think this really proved that she wasn’t just on here to appeal to the male viewers, she’s here to contribute in a meaningful way.

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