Enterprise (2001-04)

Taking us back to a time before Kirk, Spock and McCoy – Enterprise marked the final “Berman-era” series, taking us on adventures of the first warp 5 capable starship of Earth, a mere 90 years after World War III.

Broken BowENT 1011x0103.09.12Apr 16 2151
Fight or FlightENT 1031x0204.09.12May 6 2151
Strange New WorldENT 1041x0304.09.12Unknown
UnexpectedENT 1051x0407.09.12Unknown
Terra NovaENT 1061x0512.09.12c. Jun 2151
The Andorian IncidentENT 1071x0612.09.12Unknown
Breaking the IceENT 1081x0712.09.12Unknown
CivilisationENT 1091x0812.09.12Jul 31 2151
Fortunate SonENT 1101x0914.09.12Unknown
Cold FrontENT 1111x1014.09.12Sep 1 2151
Silent EnemyENT 1121x1116.09.12Sep 9 2151
Dear DoctorENT 1131x1216.09.12Unknown
Sleeping DogsENT 1151x1323.09.12c. Oct 2151
Shadows of P'JemENT 1141x1423.09.12Unknown
Shuttlepod OneENT 1161x1523.09.12Nov 9 2151
FusionENT 1171x1623.09.12Unknown
Rogue PlanetENT 1181x1723.09.12Unknown
AcquisitionENT 1191x1829.09.12c. Jan 2152
OasisENT 1201x1929.09.12c. Jan 2152
DetainedENT 1211x2029.09.12Unknown
Vox SolaENT 1221x2101.10.12Unknown
Fallen HeroENT 1231x2201.10.12Feb 9 2152
Desert CrossingENT 1241x2301.10.12Feb 12 2152
Two Days and Two NightsENT 1251x2405.10.12Feb 18 2152
Shockwave: Part IENT 1261x2505.10.12Unknown
Shockwave: Part IIENT 1272x0105.10.12Unknown
Carbon CreekENT 1282x0205.10.12Apr 12 2152
MinefieldENT 1292x0305.10.12Unknown
Dead StopENT 1312x0408.10.12Unknown
A Night In SickbayENT 1302x0508.10.12Unknown
MaraudersENT 1322x0608.10.12Unknown
The SeventhENT 1332x0708.10.12Unknown
The CommunicatorENT 1342x0808.10.12Unknown
SingularityENT 1352x0908.10.12Aug 14 2152
Vanishing PointENT 1362x1015.10.12Unknown
Precious CargoENT 1372x1115.10.12Sep 12 2152
The CatwalkENT 1382x1215.10.12Sep 18 2152
DawnENT 1392x1315.10.12Unknown
StigmaENT 1402x1415.10.12Unknown
Cease FireENT 1412x1528.10.12Unknown
Future TenseENT 1422x1628.10.12Unknown
CanamarENT 1432x1728.10.12Unknown
The CrossingENT 1442x1828.10.12Unknown
JudgmentENT 1452x1928.10.12Unknown
HorizonENT 1462x2028.10.12Jan 10 2153
The BreachENT 1472x2128.10.12Unknown
CogenitorENT 1482x2230.10.12Unknown
RegenerationENT 1492x2330.10.12Mar 1 2153
First FlightENT 1502x2431.10.12Unknown
BountyENT 1512x2531.10.12Mar 21 2153
The ExpanseENT 1522x2601.11.12Apr 24 2153
The XindiENT 1533x0101.11.12Unknown
AnomalyENT 1543x0202.11.12Unknown
ExtinctionENT 1553x0303.11.12Unknown
RajiinENT 1563x0404.11.12Unknown
ImpulseENT 1573x0504.11.12Unknown
ExileENT 1583x0604.11.12Unknown
The ShipmentENT 1593x0704.11.12Unknown
TwilightENT 1603x0806.11.12Unknown
North StarENT 1613x0907.11.12Unknown
SimilitudeENT 1623x1007.11.12Unknown
Carpenter StreetENT 1633x1107.11.12Unknown
Chosen RealmENT 1643x1218.11.12Unknown
Proving GroundENT 1653x1319.11.12Dec 6 2153
StratagemENT 1663x1419.11.12Dec 12 2153
HarbingerENT 1673x1521.11.12Dec 27 2153
Doctor's OrdersENT 1683x1621.11.12Unknown
HatcheryENT 1693x1726.11.12Jan 8 2154
Azati PrimeENT 1703x1828.11.12Unknown
DamageENT 1713x1928.11.12Unknown
The ForgottenENT 1723x2030.11.12Unknown
E2ENT 1733x2130.11.12Unknown
The CouncilENT 1743x2230.11.12Feb 12 2154
CountdownENT 1753x2301.12.12Feb 13 2154
Zero HourENT 1763x2401.12.12Feb 14 2154
Storm Front: Part IENT 1774x0103.12.12Unknown
Storm Front: Part IIENT 1784x0203.12.12Unknown
HomeENT 1794x0305.12.12Unknown
Borderland (1)ENT 1804x0405.12.12May 17 2154
Cold Station 12 (2)ENT 1814x0507.12.12Unknown
The Augments (3)ENT 1824x0607.12.12May 27 2154
The Forge (1)ENT 1834x0708.12.12Unknown
Awakening (2)ENT 1844x0808.12.12Unknown
Kir'Shara (3)ENT 1854x0908.12.12Unknown
DaedalusENT 1864x1009.12.12Unknown
Observer EffectENT 1874x1109.12.12Unknown
Babel One (1)ENT 1884x1227.12.12Nov 12 2154
United (2)ENT 1894x1328.12.12Nov 15 2154
The Aenar (3)ENT 1904x1428.12.12Unknown
Affliction (1)ENT 1914x1530.12.12Nov 27 2154
Divergence (2)ENT 1924x1630.12.12Unknown
BoundENT 1934x1723.02.13Dec 27 2154
In a Mirror, Darkly: Part IENT 1944x1823.02.13Jan 13 2155
In a Mirror, Darkly: Part IIENT 1954x1924.02.13Jan 18 2155
Demons (1)ENT 1964x2024.02.13Jan 19 2155
Terra Prime (2)ENT 1974x2125.02.13Unknown
These Are the Voyages...ENT 1984x2225.02.1347457.1
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