Short Treks (2018-20)

Proving to a few in the Fan Film community that you can tell a story in less than thirty minutes seems to have been the point of this anthology series. That, and establishing a few additional story points along the way…

RunawaySHT 011x012018.10.042019.02.09Unknown
CalypsoSHT 021x022018.11.082019.02.09Unknown
The Brightest StarSHT 031x032018.12.062019.02.10Unknown
The Escape ArtistSHT 041x042019.01.032019.02.10Unknown
Q&ASHT 052x012019.10.052019.10.09Unknown
The Trouble with EdwardSHT 062x022019.10.092019.10.131421.9
Ask NotSHT 072x032019.11.142019.10.24Unknown
Ephraim and DotSHT 082x042019.12.122019.10.25Unknown
The Girl Who Made the StarsSHT 092x052019.12.122019.10.26Unknown
Children of MarsSHT 102x062020.01.092019.10.27Unknown
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