The Animated Adventures (1973-74)

As reruns of The Original Series continued well in syndication, animation house Filmation – known for dozens of hits across the Saturday morning cartoon block – was engaged to produce a “cheap” series to bring new adventures of the Starship Enterprise back to the silver screen…

Beyond the Farthest StarTAS 011x0128.07.135521.3
YesteryearTAS 021x0229.07.135373.4
One of Our Planets is MissingTAS 031x0330.07.135371.3
The Lorelei SignalTAS 041x0431.07.135483.7
More Tribbles, More TroublesTAS 051x0512.10.135392.4
The SurvivorTAS 061x0613.10.135143.3
The Infinite VulcanTAS 071x0714.10.135554.4
The Magicks of Megas-tuTAS 081x0815.10.131254.4
Once Upon A PlanetTAS 091x0916.10.135591.2
Mudd's PassionTAS 101x1017.10.134978.5
The Terratin IncidentTAS 111x1118.10.135577.3
The Time TrapTAS 121x1203.11.135267.2
The Amergris ElementTAS 131x1304.11.135499.9
The Slaver WeaponTAS 141x1405.11.134187.3
The Eye of the BeholderTAS 151x1506.12.135501.2
The JihadTAS 161x1607.12.135683.1
The Pirates of OrionTAS 171x1708.12.136334.1
BemTAS 181x1809.12.137403.6
The Practical JokerTAS 191x1910.12.133183.3
AlbatrossTAS 201x2011.12.135275.6
How Sharper Than a Serpent's ToothTAS 211x2112.12.136063.4
The Counter-Clock IncidentTAS 221x2213.12.136770.3
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