The Original Series (1966-69)

The series that started it all. It would’ve been cut short at a two season run on NBC in the 1966-67 and 1967-68 television seasons if it weren’t for a desperate fan effort to write in to show their support. One more season was produced before the final decision was made to shelve the series.

The CageTOS 011x0110.12.13Unknown
The Man TrapTOS 061x0209.12.131513.1
Charlie XTOS 081x0310.12.131533.6
Where No Man Has Gone BeforeTOS 021x0418.12.131312.4
The Naked TimeTOS 071x0518.12.131704.2
The Enemy WithinTOS 051x0622.12.131672.1
Mudd's WomenTOS 041x0722.12.131329.1
What Are Little Girls Made Of?TOS 101x0823.12.132712.4
MiriTOS 121x0923.12.132713.5
Dagger of the MindTOS 111x1023.12.132715.1
The Corbomite ManeuverTOS 031x1127.01.141512.2
The Menagerie: Part ITOS 161x1230.01.143012.4
The Menagerie: Part IITOS 161x1330.01.143013.1
The Conscience of the KingTOS 131x1431.01.142817.6
Balance of TerrorTOS 091x1531.01.141709.2
Shore LeaveTOS 171x1601.02.143025.3
The Galileo SevenTOS 141x1701.02.142821.5
The Squire of GothosTOS 181x1802.02.142124.5
ArenaTOS 191x1902.02.143045.6
Tomorrow Is YesterdayTOS 211x2004.02.143113.2
Court MartialTOS 151x2104.02.142947.3
The Return of the ArchonsTOS 221x2206.02.143156.2
Space SeedTOS 241x2306.02.143141.9
A Taste of ArmageddonTOS 231x2409.02.143192.1
This Side of ParadiseTOS 251x2509.02.143417.3
The Devil in the DarkTOS 261x2612.02.143196.1
Errand of MercyTOS 271x2713.02.143198.4
The Alternative FactorTOS 201x2814.02.143087.6
The City on the Edge of ForeverTOS 281x2915.02.143134
Operation -- Annihilate!TOS 291x3016.02.143287.2
Amok TimeTOS 342x0103.03.153372.7
Who Mourns for Adonais?TOS 332x0204.03.153468.1
The ChangelingTOS 372x0305.03.153451.9
Mirror, MirrorTOS 392x0406.03.15Unknown
The AppleTOS 382x0507.03.153715
The Doomsday MachineTOS 352x0608.03.154202.9
CatspawTOS 302x0709.03.153018.2
I, MuddTOS 412x0810.03.154513.3
MetamorphosisTOS 312x0911.03.15Unknown
Journey to BabelTOS 442x1012.03.153842.3
Friday's ChildTOS 322x1113.03.153497.2
The Deadly YearsTOS 402x1213.03.153478.2
ObsessionTOS 472x1314.03.153619.2
Wolf in the FoldTOS 362x1414.03.153614.9
The Trouble With TribblesTOS 422x1514.03.154523.3
The Gamesters of TriskelionTOS 462x1615.03.153211.7
A Piece of the ActionTOS 492x1716.03.154598
The Immunity SyndromeTOS 482x1817.03.154307.1
A Private Little WarTOS 452x1918.03.154211.4
Return to TomorrowTOS 512x2019.03.154768.3
Patterns of ForceTOS 522x2120.03.152534
By Any Other NameTOS 502x2220.03.154657.5
The Omega GloryTOS 542x2321.03.15Unknown
The Ultimate ComputerTOS 532x2422.03.154729.4
Bread and CircusesTOS 432x2523.03.154040.7
Assignment: EarthTOS 552x2624.03.15Unknown
Spock's BrainTOS 613x0101.04.155431.4
The Enterprise IncidentTOS 593x0201.04.155027.3
The Paradise SyndromeTOS 583x0301.04.154842.6
And the Children Shall LeadTOS 603x0402.04.155029.5
Is There In Truth No Beauty?TOS 623x0502.04.155630.7
Spectre of the GunTOS 563x0602.04.154385.3
Day of the DoveTOS 663x0703.04.15Unknown
For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the SkyTOS 653x0803.04.155476.3
The Tholian WebTOS 643x0903.04.155693.2
Plato's StepchildrenTOS 673x1004.04.155784
Wink of an EyeTOS 683x1104.04.155710.5
The EmpathTOS 633x1205.04.155121
Elaan of TroyiusTOS 573x1306.04.154372.5
Whom Gods DestroyTOS 713x1407.04.155718.3
Let That Be Your Last BattlefieldTOS 703x1507.04.155730.2
The Mark of GideonTOS 723x1608.04.155423.4
That Which SurvivesTOS 693x1709.04.15Unknown
The Lights of ZetarTOS 733x1812.04.155725.3
Requiem for MethuselahTOS 763x1919.04.155843.7
The Way to EdenTOS 753x2020.04.155832.3
The Cloud MindersTOS 743x2126.04.155818.4
The Savage CurtainTOS 773x2226.04.155906.4
All Our YesterdaysTOS 783x2327.04.155943.7
Turnabout IntruderTOS 793x2427.04.155928.5
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