Season 1

Episode TitleProd #Ep #TZ ReleaseAvailableStardate
Remembrance PIC101 1x01 24/01/2020 Unknown
Maps and Legends PIC102 1x02 31/01/2020 Unknown
The End is the Beginning PIC103 1x03 09/02/2020 Unknown
Absolute Candor PIC104 1x04 15/02/2020 Unknown
Stardust City Rag PIC105 1x05 22/02/2020 Unknown
The Impossible Box PIC106 1x06 29/02/2020 Unknown
Nepenthe PIC107 1x07 07/03/2020 Unknown
Broken Pieces PIC108 1x08 14/03/2020
Episode Nine PIC109 1x09 21/03/2020
Episode Ten PIC110 1x10 28/03/2020

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