Short Treks

Season 1

Episode TitleProd #Ep #TZ ReleaseAvailableStardate
Runaway STR01 1x01 09/02/2019 Unknown
Calypso STR02 1x02 09/02/2019 Unknown
The Brightest Star STR03 1x03 10/02/2019 Unknown
The Escape Artist STR04 1x04 10/02/2019 Unknown

Season 2

Episode TitleProd #Ep #TZ ReleaseAvailableStardate
Q & A STR05 2x01 09/10/2019 Unknown
The Trouble With Edward STR06 2x02 13/10/2019 1421.9
Ask Not STR07 2x03 24/02/2020 Unknown
The Girl Who Made The Stars STR08 2x04 25/02/2020 Unknown
Ephraim and Dot STR09 2x05 26/02/2020 Unknown
Children of Mars STR10 2x06 27/02/2020 Unknown

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