The Orville

In the 25th century, Captain Ed Mercer leads his crew aboard the U.S.S. Orville (ECV-197.)

Season 1

Episode Title Prod # Ep # TZ Release Available Stardate
Old Wounds ORV101 1x01 19/10/2019
Command Performance ORV102 1x02 20/10/2019
About a Girl ORV103 1x03 21/10/2019
If the Stars Should Appear ORV104 1x04 22/10/2019
Pria ORV105 1x05 23/10/2019
Krill ORV106 1x06 24/10/2019
Majority Rule ORV107 1x07 25/10/2019
Into the Fold ORV108 1x08 26/10/2019
Cupid's Dagger ORV109 1x09 27/10/2019
Firestorm ORV110 1x10 28/10/2019
New Dimensions ORV111 1x11 29/10/2019
Mad Idolatry ORV13 1x12 02/11/2019

Season 2

Episode Title Prod # Ep # TZ Release Available Stardate
Ja'loja ORV14 2x01 03/11/2019
Primal Urges ORV12 2x02 04/11/2019
Home ORV15 2x03 05/11/2019
Nothing Left on Earth Excepting Fishes ORV16 2x04 06/11/2019
All the World is Birthday Cake ORV17 2x05 07/11/2019
A Happy Refrain ORV18 2x06 08/11/2019
Deflectors ORV19 2x07 09/11/2019
Identity: Part I ORV20 2x08 10/11/2019
Identity: Part II ORV21 2x09 11/11/2019
Blood of Patriots ORV22 2x10 12/11/2019
Lasting Impressions ORV23 2x11 13/11/2019
Sanctuary ORV24 2x12 14/11/2019
Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow ORV25 2x13 15/11/2019
The Road Not Taken ORV26 2x14 16/11/2019

Season 3

Episode Title Prod # Ep # TZ Release Available Stardate

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