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Did We Just Catch The Making of A Black Hole? Plus Supernova Remnants and a Rusty Moon : Talkin’ Science

A faint detection at Ligo and Virgo points to the formation of an intermediate mass black hole. Scientists analysing

NASA’s Directives to Prevent Space Contamination

It's a real concern in both directions of travel as we set our minds to further missions to Mars

Talkin’ Science Uncut : Week 21 2020

Welcome to another edition of Talkin' Science uncut, where we produce live the entire show from start to finish

NASA Lays the Ground Rules for Artemis

As we gear up for next week's crewed Dragon test flight, NASA is looking further ahead by putting out

The Mystery of a Boomerang Galaxy as We Learn About China’s “Whoopsie” : Talkin’ Science

As astronomers uncover the complexities surrounding galaxy PKS 2014-55, we're learning details about China's "whoopsie" as the core stage

Talkin’ Science UNCUT : Week 19 2020

We're live across social media Saturday morning for this week's uncut edition of Talkin' Science. It's another way we're bringing

SpaceX and Blue Origin Sign Contracts for Artemis

SpaceX and Blue Origin have been awarded contracts by NASA to aid in their Artemis missions to the moon.

SpaceX to Transport to Gateway

While NASA remains undecided on whether the Gateway station around the moon will actually go ahead, they've awarded SpaceX's

Space Force’s First Mission : Talkin’ Science

We're continuing our five-days-a-week podcasting marathon as the Coronavirus lockdown continues into it's second week here in Australia. Today,

Orion Passes Critical Tests – Ready for Artemis I to the Moon

Our final story of the week sees Airbus quietly achieving it's targets with Artemis' crew capsule. Orion has survived

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