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Checking in on Axanar

It's the Star Trek Fan Film that's been promised for five years. After putting our coverage aside for eighteen

Settlement Conditions Breached; CBS Issue Demands to Alec Peters

For those keeping tabs on Axanar following their 2016 legal stoush with Star Trek owners CBS and Paramount developments

EDITORIAL: The Star Trek Fan Film Conundrum

I've long been a champion of true fan films set in our beloved universe - hosting numerous Fan Film

Tony Todd on His Career… And That Fan Film

For a long while I've been wanting to chat with Tony - mostly because of his six guest spots

The Latest On Axanar

Here's the second part to my chat with Axamonitor's Carlos Pedraza about the latest on Axanar... https://youtu.be/v4TyBJSps-o Please consider supporting Trekzone

Statistics, Facts and Changing Stories : The Latest On Axanar

It's been nine months since Carlos Pedraza joined the show to provide an update on the infamous Star Trek

Axanar Confidential Confuses The Situation

Technical issues hampered the premiere edition of Axanar Confidential hosted by Alec Peters, a live YouTube show for fans

Caveat Emptor: Axanar Calls for Donations To Keep The Lights On – Again

I might've left the daily fight behind, but I'm still keeping across all the developments of the fan film

Reflecting on the Axanar Fan’s Perspective Podcast

Well, it's been about half an hour since the third and final installment in the Jonathan Lane interview was

An Axanar Fan’s Perspective – Part Three

Part three of the joint Fan Film Factor & A Trekzone Conversation podcast... For a while now there's been a

An Axanar Fan’s Perspective – Part Two

Part two of the joint Fan Film Factor & A Trekzone Conversation podcast... For a while now there's been a

An Axanar Fan’s Perspective – Part One

For a while now there's been a fracture in Star Trek fan film circles... those that support Alec Peters'

Prelude to The Axanar Debate

Following my departure from "active" Axanar fact check and personal posting (some might say "negative"), Fan Film Factor's Jonathan

EDITORIAL: Why I Left The Daily Axanar Fight Behind

It feels like a long time coming, but today it finally happened. I put myself out there in the

EDITORIAL: For $91 You Can Join A Party At Alec’s Place…

Axamonitor has today revealed the itinerary of the "convention within a convention" cleverly titled "Axacon" - and what a

Axanar Appears To Lurch Forward

UPDATE: Sphinxcon information has been found by a 1701NEWS reader: It appears convention goers will be shuttled to the for-profit

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