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Preparing to Land on Asteroid Bennu : Talkin’ Science

NASA preps Osiris-REx to land on an asteroid, super habitable exoplanets postulated and Dr Brad and his team discover

A Leaky Space Station as Mars Gets Close

Astronauts on the space station are working hard to identify the source of a leak as astronomers here on

Did We Just Catch The Making of A Black Hole? Plus Supernova Remnants and a Rusty Moon : Talkin’ Science

A faint detection at Ligo and Virgo points to the formation of an intermediate mass black hole. Scientists analysing

LIVE: Hungry Black Holes, Exomoons and Rocketlabs Failure to Launch

We're back live for another edition of Talkin' Science uncut. From hungry black holes to the loss of 7

A Hungry, Hungry Black Hole

Astronomers have made an astonishing discovery while spotting the largest black hole in the known universe. It's thirty four

A Hungry Black Hole as Rocketlabs Fails To Launch

Astronomers are being kept busy by new research into black holes and exomoons as Rocketlabs - the US based

The Mystery of a Boomerang Shaped Galaxy

Astronomers using the MeerKAT telescope in South Africa have uncovered the mysterious forces behind the boomerang shaped galaxy PKS

Talkin’ Science LIVE : Week 20 2020

We're LIVE once again for this Saturday, May 16 2020 with the uncut edition of this weeks Talkin' Science... If

A Close Stellar Mass Black Hole

Astronomers have discovered the closest black hole to Earth at just 1, 000 light years away. We're told not

A Nearby Black Hole as Tom Cruise Goes Orbital : Talkin’ Science

Another week in our Coronavirus lockdown life rolls around, and Dr Brad Tucker is here with details of the

The Missing Link in Black Hole Sizes Found

Tiny black holes? Discovered. Supermassive black hole? Discovered. But how does one go from tiny to supermassive? Well, it seems astronomers

139 New Solar System Objects on Supermoon Wednesday Week : Talkin’ Science

Welcome to another week of Talkin' Science and home isolation for much of the world. This week Brad and

Another Big Bang

Astronomers have discovered the biggest explosion we have ever seen. They spotted the remnants of this blast in the

Galactic Appetite – Plus Marsquakes, Big Planet – Little Star and A Black Hole Flare

We've got another bumper Talkin' Science for you this week as Dr Tucker brings his usual offering of science

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