eternal night

More Eternal Night Production

Last night and this morning saw more of the 5NEWS bulletin come together, as I travelled over 220 kilometres to get the shots needed. A special mention to Lloyd Johnson

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Eternal Night Production Update

Production Fortnight Delayed Two pieces of bad news for followers of Eternal Night… the “anchor” pieces for the season one finale (aka, 5NEWS) did not happen due to actor unavailability

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Filming Weekend

When I started out on the Eternal Night adventure, filming even one frame of season two seemed like a long time away. Especially because the audio episodes of season one

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Site Updates Resume

Updating the site is back on. Today has been consumed by getting the episode content page design right… and I’ve done that – now it’s time to get uploading! Star

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The Perth Trip

There are three major aims of this weekends cross country trip: – Confirm location for pub scene, and assess venue’s prospects, – Confirm location for the opening scene of season

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Eternal Night Progress

UPDATE (27/2): It’s official – Francessa Boyte joins the cast as Evie Cunningham, the fourth year cadet at the Academy. Evie will have a tough road ahead as she learns

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