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LIVE: Hungry Black Holes, Exomoons and Rocketlabs Failure to Launch

We're back live for another edition of Talkin' Science uncut. From hungry black holes to the loss of 7

6 More Exomoons Discovered

Astronomers studying data from the Kepler Space Telescope have discovered moons orbiting exoplanets. They're even harder to find because

A Hungry Black Hole as Rocketlabs Fails To Launch

Astronomers are being kept busy by new research into black holes and exomoons as Rocketlabs - the US based

Almost a Perfect Clone

Astronomers have stumbled on what could be mistaken for a clone of our own solar system. And while the

A Repeating Fast Radio Burst as We Find Almost a Carbon Copy of our Solar System

It's another jam packed installment of Talkin' Science this week. Dr Brad stops by with details of the fifth

The Answer Is No as We’re Go For Launch

It's a massive week of Talkin' Science here on Trekzone as SpaceX and NASA gear up for their Launch

An Exoplanet Collision

An exoplanet discovered by Hubble in 2004 may actually have been a planetary collision... Dr Brad Tucker and Matt Miller

The Mystery of a Vanishing Exoplanet as Iran Launches Its First Military Satellite : Talkin’ Science

As SpaceX launches another batch of Starlink satellites, Iran launches its first military satellite, an asteroid close shave and

Molten Iron Rain on an Exoplanet

Across Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays (with the occasional Saturday) we're diving into the Talkin' Science Stories of the Week. Today,

It’s Raining Molten Iron! – Talkin’ Science

Here at Trekzone we podcast from our home studio, so the government efforts to contain the spread of Coronavirus

TESS Finds It’s First Tatooine!

The Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite - or TESS - has found a special kind of exoplanet. TOI 1338 b, as

Galactic Appetite – Plus Marsquakes, Big Planet – Little Star and A Black Hole Flare

We've got another bumper Talkin' Science for you this week as Dr Tucker brings his usual offering of science

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