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Preparing to Land on Asteroid Bennu : Talkin’ Science

NASA preps Osiris-REx to land on an asteroid, super habitable exoplanets postulated and Dr Brad and his team discover

A Leaky Space Station as Mars Gets Close

Astronauts on the space station are working hard to identify the source of a leak as astronomers here on

New Water Found on Mars & Artemis is On Track : Talkin’ Science

It's Tuesday September 29 2020. This is Talkin' Science. Detailed images emerge of M-87's heart, a supermassive black hole,

An Active Venus as Accusations Fly Over a Russian Space Weapon : Talkin’ Science

Once thought dormant, astronomers are now theorising that there's been volcanic activity on Venus in the past two million

Planetary Opposition A Sight to Behold

The night time sky is turning on a treat for amateur astronomers with Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn

Rosalind Franklin Launch Delay

Across Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays (with the occasional Saturday - like today!) we're diving into the Talkin' Science Stories

It’s Raining Molten Iron! – Talkin’ Science

Here at Trekzone we podcast from our home studio, so the government efforts to contain the spread of Coronavirus

A Mini Moon, A Blood Clot and Martian Weather

If one of the suspected mini moons crashing to Earth doesn't hit you, a blood clot - recently discovered

A New Star At The Center of The Galaxy

Welcome to another week of Talkin' Science here on Australia's unofficial home of Star Trek - now more than

Space Law – What Is It? And Do We Need It?

Space Law is essentially a treaty agreed upon back when the race to the moon was a hot button

Water On Mars: The Continuing Research

NASA scientists have been using ground-based observatories to learn more about the water that flowed all over ancient Mars.

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