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Water on the Moon and Voting In Orbit : Trekzone’s Talkin’ Science

Data from a telescope mounted to 747 indicates water on the Moon, Kate Rubins votes from low Earth orbit

A Protective Moon as Artemis Accords Get Sign Ups : Trekzone’s Talkin’ Science

Several countries sign on to NASA's Artemis Accords, a new study suggests the moon helped Earth survive the sun's

New Water Found on Mars & Artemis is On Track : Talkin’ Science

It's Tuesday September 29 2020. This is Talkin' Science. Detailed images emerge of M-87's heart, a supermassive black hole,

Did We Just Catch The Making of A Black Hole? Plus Supernova Remnants and a Rusty Moon : Talkin’ Science

A faint detection at Ligo and Virgo points to the formation of an intermediate mass black hole. Scientists analysing

It’s Mostly Asteroids with Some Lasers This Week!

A tiny asteroid is on it's way as another one narrowly missed us and French scientists have managed to

Moon Mining is About to be a Thing

The inevitable next step in our return to the moon has been achieved as US President Donald Trump signs

SpaceX to Transport to Gateway

While NASA remains undecided on whether the Gateway station around the moon will actually go ahead, they've awarded SpaceX's

Space Force’s First Mission : Talkin’ Science

We're continuing our five-days-a-week podcasting marathon as the Coronavirus lockdown continues into it's second week here in Australia. Today,

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