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Did We Just Catch The Making of A Black Hole? Plus Supernova Remnants and a Rusty Moon : Talkin’ Science

A faint detection at Ligo and Virgo points to the formation of an intermediate mass black hole. Scientists analysing

Starlink Tests Begin

SpaceX's Starlink has put the call out for members of the public to test their network but the catch

Intelligent Lifesigns As Starlink Tests Begin : Talkin’ Science

New research indicates that there may be up to 36 intelligent civilisations in the Milky Way right now, as

A Busy Weekend of Rocket Launches

Last weekend was a busy one for low Earth orbit. Three private companies attempted to launch three separate rockets

A Repeating Fast Radio Burst as We Find Almost a Carbon Copy of our Solar System

It's another jam packed installment of Talkin' Science this week. Dr Brad stops by with details of the fifth

The Mystery of a Vanishing Exoplanet as Iran Launches Its First Military Satellite : Talkin’ Science

As SpaceX launches another batch of Starlink satellites, Iran launches its first military satellite, an asteroid close shave and

OneWeb Files Bankruptcy

The main rival to Starlink has declared bankruptcy in the United States, but it seems like it wasn't just

Starlink Poses No Threat to Astronomy

SpaceX Founder Elon Musk has told a satellite conference that his satellite-delivered internet project called Starlink poses no threat

Talkin’ Science – New Protein; Mars Rover and Starlink

We're a day late for our usual Talkin' Science installment, bringing you the latest news and headlines from the

More Internet Satellites Launch

SpaceX's Starlink project has some serious competition with OneWeb launching 34 satellites last week in it's effort it put

Australia Burns as We Find Evidence of the Cosmic Dawn : Talkin’ Science

We're back with a brand new season of Talkin' Science after a successful 2019. Today, Brad's got details on new

All Female Space Walk Plus Space Junk & SpaceX’s Plan for 40,000 Satellites!

It's all about spacewalks and Earth-orbiting satellites on today's Talkin' Science. Over the last week four major headlines in space

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