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Off to Mars, SpaceX Completes Demo-2 & Astronomers Baffled : Talkin’ Science

As Perseverance finally launches, SpaceX completes it's final test flight for Crew Dragon and a globular cluster of stars

(#424) Changing Things Up : Pawgust

It's time to change things up here at Trekzone. Find out why in this special edition.

Snapping Another Solar System

Accompanied by two giant gas planets, a very young Sun-like star has been photographed by the European Southern Observatories

Volcanic Venus

Once thought dormant, our other nearest planet - the one that's not Mars - has astronomers speculating that there

An Active Venus as Accusations Fly Over a Russian Space Weapon : Talkin’ Science

Once thought dormant, astronomers are now theorising that there's been volcanic activity on Venus in the past two million

Aussie Space Agency HQ & A World Class Robotics Factory for Perth

It's time to wrap up Aussie Space Month here on Trekzone, with a clip show... Earlier in the year, Dr

Counting Down to the Missions to Mars as we Get Closer to the Sun : Talkin’ Science LIVE

We're live for another edition of Talkin' Science uncut. This week, we've brought you info on the latest images

Taking Stock of Australia’s Astronomical Capabilities

The Australian Academy of Science has released a review of Australia's astronomical community and infrastructure at the half way

The Hope Mars Mission Lifts Off

The Emirates Mars Mission - or Hope - has successfully lifted off from Earth bound for the red planet.

Getting Really Close to the Sun

The Solar Orbiter Spacecraft has captured what appear to be campfires littering the solar surface in the latest images

Getting Closer to the Sun as the Hope Mars Mission Lifts Off : Talkin’ Science

As the Solar Orbiter spacecraft beams back the most detailed images of the Sun, the Emirates Mars mission lifts

Aussie Space Month : Pioneering Aussie Rockets

Gilmour Space on the Gold Coast is another pioneer of the Aussie space industry and they're powering ahead with

Remembering Grant Imahara

From electrical engineering, visual effects at ILM and Sulu on Star Trek: Continues. The man, the mythbuster, the legend

China’s Big Week as we Celebrate 45 Years Since the Apollo-Soyuz Docking

China's big week, NASA's directives for managing space contamination and an amateur astronomer's delight as planetary opposition takes shape

Planetary Opposition A Sight to Behold

The night time sky is turning on a treat for amateur astronomers with Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn

NASA’s Directives to Prevent Space Contamination

It's a real concern in both directions of travel as we set our minds to further missions to Mars

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