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Astronomers Capture a Newborn Planet

An international research team has discovered the swirling gas of a newborn planet. Using the European Southern Observatory researchers

The Answer Is No as We’re Go For Launch

It's a massive week of Talkin' Science here on Trekzone as SpaceX and NASA gear up for their Launch

Talkin’ Science Uncut : Week 21 2020

Welcome to another edition of Talkin' Science uncut, where we produce live the entire show from start to finish

NASA Lays the Ground Rules for Artemis

As we gear up for next week's crewed Dragon test flight, NASA is looking further ahead by putting out

China’s “Whoopsie”

Following the successful test flight of China's new Long March 5B rocket, which will carry their space station components

The Mystery of a Boomerang Shaped Galaxy

Astronomers using the MeerKAT telescope in South Africa have uncovered the mysterious forces behind the boomerang shaped galaxy PKS

The Mystery of a Boomerang Galaxy as We Learn About China’s “Whoopsie” : Talkin’ Science

As astronomers uncover the complexities surrounding galaxy PKS 2014-55, we're learning details about China's "whoopsie" as the core stage

Catching Up on 2020’s Week 20

Another week passes us by here on planet Earth and we're fast approaching another spin around the sun. So we

Talkin’ Science LIVE : Week 20 2020

We're LIVE once again for this Saturday, May 16 2020 with the uncut edition of this weeks Talkin' Science... If

China’s Rocket Test

Last week we brought you details of China's plans to test launch a bigger rocket they're hoping to use

Tom Cruise is Heading to the Space Station

Known for his daredevil stunts that help push the audience into a massive sense of disbelief, actor Tom Cruise

A Close Stellar Mass Black Hole

Astronomers have discovered the closest black hole to Earth at just 1, 000 light years away. We're told not

A Nearby Black Hole as Tom Cruise Goes Orbital : Talkin’ Science

Another week in our Coronavirus lockdown life rolls around, and Dr Brad Tucker is here with details of the

Talkin’ Science UNCUT : Week 19 2020

We're live across social media Saturday morning for this week's uncut edition of Talkin' Science. It's another way we're bringing

Hubble Spots Atlas’ Breakup

The Hubble Space Telescope is staying in our news cycle for a third week, as it captures the breakup

SpaceX and Blue Origin Sign Contracts for Artemis

SpaceX and Blue Origin have been awarded contracts by NASA to aid in their Artemis missions to the moon.

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