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Trekzone's History

While Trekzone began as an IT project for high school in 2003, podcasting didn’t begin until ten years later to celebrate the anniversary and join “this new fad”!

We begin our journey with the thirteen episode series Interviews, a rather unimaginative title for what were longer form conversations with SciFi alumni. Interviews
SciFi Weekly

In late 2015, early 2016 we experimented with a weekly science format, which lasted for only thirteen episodes…

The Trekzone Spotlight

In 2015 we moved into a green screen studio and began to really focus on a consistent content schedule. The Trekzone Spotlight gave us the opportunity to flex our muscles and we really worked hard to bring a quality product to the internet more frequently than ever before.

The News

As we approached the end of 2020 and with a desire to produce more video content, The News was born to give us a weekly dive into the latest science fiction production news. In late 2023 the podcast was merged with Fan Film Update to become The Trekzone Breakdown.

The Trekzone Variety Show

In 2021 in an effort to produce seven shows a week we also tried our hand with a co-host and a variety format, bringing together our passion of Star Wars, the Marvel universe and more…

Fan Film Update

As we continued to ramp up our content production, Fan Film Update was a way of giving you a bite sized wrap of everything happening in the niche of a niche by Fan Films Done Right. Following the Brazen Attack on Our Independence, the Fan Film Update was merged with The News to become The Trekzone Breakdown.

Trekzone Plays

Our deep dive into the Star Trek gaming catalogue with no commentary…

And Now...

This brings us into the current series offerings on Trekzone.

A Trekzone Conversation
Talkin’ Science
The Trekzone Breakdown

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