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First Thoughts on Star Trek: Picard

Larry Nemecek joins Matt today for our first video podcast of the year! We're diving into the first thoughts

An Aussie Connection to Stardust Older Than The Solar System

In a little town north of the Victorian capital Melbourne called Murchison, a meteorite crashed to Earth in 1969.

Celebrating Voyager’s 25th!

This week marks twenty five years since Star Trek: Voyager first premiered in the United States and to celebrate,

TESS Finds A Tatooine, Venus’ Days in Flux & More Talkin’ Science

Welcome to another week of Talkin' Science here at Trekzone. Dr Brad Tucker and Matt are discussing a bit

Starship Intrepid Powers Ahead

We're back with our main show for 2020 with Starship Intrepid's Nick Cook stopping by the Trekzone mic to

Australia Burns as We Find Evidence of the Cosmic Dawn : Talkin’ Science

We're back with a brand new season of Talkin' Science after a successful 2019. Today, Brad's got details on new

From The Reboot to the Yorktown Starbase – The Kelvin-Verse Films

And we come, as we inevitably must, to the final episode of our Talkin' Trek series - and the,

From Kirk’s Death to Data’s Sacrifice – The TNG Films

They were produced during the golden age of Star Trek - four films featuring our heroic cast from The

Talkin’ Trek : The Original Movies

Over the past year Lee Sargent and Matt Miller have gotten together to record a mini series of podcasts

Experimental Mice, Space Missions and The Year That Was

It's time to wrap up the year for our awesome Tuesday show, Talkin' Science with Dr. Brad Tucker. For thirty

Doctor Who’s Back!

Today on A Trekzone Conversation, because we're more than Star Trek, we're diving into the forthcoming return of Doctor

Talkin’ Science : Astronomical Discoveries

We're fast approaching Christmas 2019 here on planet Earth, but science and space news knows no holiday period, so

Star Trek Reflections

The Star Trek family got a little bit smaller this week with the passing of two people who played

A Mini Moon, A Blood Clot and Martian Weather

If one of the suspected mini moons crashing to Earth doesn't hit you, a blood clot - recently discovered

55 Years Ago This Week – Star Trek Was First Put to Film

It's hard to imagine a world without Star Trek, but fifty five years ago Gene Roddenberry's vision of the

Off World Discoveries

Europa's the hot topic of the week, with news astronomers discovered Jupiter's moon spewing massive amounts of water vapour.

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