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Discussing An Epic Season of The Mandalorian

Lee Sargent is back on Trekzone in 2021 with his insights into all sorts of science fiction that we're

Where Are They Now? Nick Cook’s Adventures on Starship Intrepid

Our third check in with Star Trek fan film makers sees us calling up Dundee local Nick Cook who,

Dr Trek Dissects Discovery’s Third Season

Star Trek: Discovery has just wrapped another season and for the first time this year Dr Trek joins Matt

Where Are They Now? Catching Up With Gary Davis

He's the lead actor and co-creator of Dreadnought Dominion, throughout the last few years he's put pen to paper

Picard Season 2; Discovery Season 4 and The Voyager Doco : Trekzone’s The News

We're back for our 2021 season of The News from Trekzone. In today's show we cover the end of

Talkin’ SciFi : Rob McKnight on the Doctor Who New Year Special

Resident Whovian Rob McKnight is back on Trekzone for a special January dive into all things SciFi. He wasn't

Where Are They Now? Catching Up With Aaron Vanderkley

He's the Perth filmmaker who rose to fame with his five part Enterprise-era fan films... now, to kick off

New Aussie SciFi; The Orville’s Back and General Yeager Passes : Trekzone’s The News

A big final week for our news podcast. General Yeager passed away, The Orville recommenced filming on it's third

The Orville’s Back! Tom Costantino on Working Through Covid

Orville Producer Tom Costantino is back as our final guest of 2020 to update us on working through the

Hayabusa Returns; December Night Sky Delights And The Year That Was : Talkin’ Science

On this edition of Talkin' Science. Hayabusa's sample capsule returns to Earth in a triumph for the Japanese Space

Hayabusa-2 Returns with Precious Cargo : A Special Talkin’ Science Event

The Japanese Space Agency aims to complete it's near-Earth asteroid sample mission with the landing of the precious cargo

Jack Harkness Is Less Than A Month Away Plus Huge Convention Details : Trekzone’s The News

The BBC releases the trailer for the forthcoming Doctor Who New Years special, Titan Publishing releases a teaser for

Ageing Astronauts, Getting Closer to Sagittarius and Hayabusa is Days Away : Talkin’ Science

Hayabusa-2's mission control announced yesterday that they're ready for orbital insertion with just a few days to go until

Gearing Up For Hayabusa-2 Coverage : What Can Samples Returned Tell Us?

Adjunct Professor David Flannery is our guest this week as we gear up for the return of Hayabusa-2. With

Solow Passes, Threshold Discussed, Jacks Back and More Comics To Come : Trekzone’s The News

We remember the Father of Star Trek who has passed away. Plus we have details on new comics to

Arecibo Beyond Repair as Rocket Labs Recovers It’s First Booster : Trekzone’s Talkin’ Science

As China launches it's Changy'e 5 lunar sample mission, Rocket Labs recovers it's first booster and the NSF decide

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