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A Protective Moon as Artemis Accords Get Sign Ups : Trekzone’s Talkin’ Science

Several countries sign on to NASA's Artemis Accords, a new study suggests the moon helped Earth survive the sun's

Kurtzman’s Trek Plus Virtual Trek Con 2 Is On : Trekzone’s The News

As Network 10 holds it's annual upfronts, confirming Paramount+ for down under, Kurtzman speaks with SFX magazine for Discovery's

Preparing to Land on Asteroid Bennu : Talkin’ Science

NASA preps Osiris-REx to land on an asteroid, super habitable exoplanets postulated and Dr Brad and his team discover

We Can Now Launch Aussie Rockets! Diving into Southern Launch Australia

Southern Launch Australia is one of a bunch of companies pioneering the Aussie Space Industry and they're gearing up

Janeway’s Back, A Trekkie Themed Joe Biden Event & Lower Decks Wraps : Trekzone’s The News

A virtual panel overnight for NYCC has revealed the lead of "Nick Trek" - aka Prodigy. Kate Mulgrew returns

A Leaky Space Station as Mars Gets Close

Astronauts on the space station are working hard to identify the source of a leak as astronomers here on

The Quibble with Tribbles : A Star Trek Nerd Search

Former Marvel author Glenn Dakin has penned a new booked called The Quibble with Tribbles: A Star Trek Nerd

Frakes Interview, Trek IV Ideas and Quinto Says They’re Ready To Go : The News

In the news this week, Jonathan Frakes is interviewed by Trekmovie and provides some details on Strange New Worlds,

New Thoughts on Lower Decks – Talkin’ Trek

A few weeks ago, Lee joined us for a chat about Lower Decks, the latest series in the Star

New Water Found on Mars & Artemis is On Track : Talkin’ Science

It's Tuesday September 29 2020. This is Talkin' Science. Detailed images emerge of M-87's heart, a supermassive black hole,

Uber Eats Pits Skywalker Against Picard – It’s The News

This week we bring you the Emmy's Nod for Rene and D.C. Fontana, Patrick Stewart & Mark Hamill's Uber

An Australian First Launch & You Could Win Your Way to the Space Station : Talkin’ Science

A white dwarf found with a giant planet orbiting every 1.4 days ... astronomers say it's like looking into

Netflix Confirms Discovery as Picard Wins an Emmy : The News

Netflix has finally updated their series page for Discovery, confirming an October 16 release. Meanwhile Picard won an Emmy

Paramount+ Is Born as The Mandalorian Sweeps the Emmys

As we gear up for Discovery's third season, CBS All Access announces it's becoming Paramount+ in the new year.

Venusian Discovery; A Giant Camera and Calls for a Space Treaty

Venus may contain life - or at least a complex molecule in the upper atmosphere... and scientists don't know

Talkin’ Lower Decks with Lee Sargent

It may not be out for the world, but we can still talk about it. Star Trek: Lower Decks

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