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Collaborations With A Sexual Predator, An Identity Thief, An Alleged Serial Grifter and Toxic Individuals Are The Reasons We’re Moving On From Star Trek Fan Films

Expanding on our editorial from Monday’s Fan Film Awards, an interview has been released with further proof for our reason to step away.

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Moving Forward

Following a weekend filled with conversations spurred on by the contents of a demand letter that was sent by a group of nineteen fan film makers, I feel an official

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A Look at Star Trek Fan Films Today

For almost two decades, Star Trek fan films have been entertaining a niche market of Trekkies around the world. However in the past five years a perceived arms race between the biggest of the players built into an inevitable end game that saw the landscape irrevocably changed.

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EDITORIAL: The Star Trek Fan Film Conundrum

I’ve long been a champion of true fan films set in our beloved universe – hosting numerous Fan Film Done Right interviews, while so many other Trek podcasts don’t even give them a passing glance. But something caught my mind’s eye last week and it’s taken me a few days to conceptualise it in written form…

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What If?

Bear with me on this Sunday afternoon… as I ponder a question that’s been swirling in my brain since news broke about director SJ Clarkson’s availability to direct the Games of Thrones prequel.

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Straight From James Cawley

I was writing an Op Ed collating all of the comments on last week’s post when I decided to put together a few questions for James Cawley to respond to.

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Kanyini Completes Critical Testing

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