Friday, May 24 2024 15:03 AEST

A Trekzone Commentary

From Friend to Colleague to Hater : Dean Newbury’s Axanar Journey

He was a friend of Alec Peters before Axanar was even an idea, but things quickly turned sour when Dean Newbury started opening his eyes about Alec Peters and the

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DS9’s Q-Less – A Trekzone Commentary

Continuing A Trekzone Commentary is today’s episode as Mum, Keeley and I watch Q-Less! Jean-Luc Picard’s old flame, Vash, arrives on Deep Space Nine… pursued by the omnipotent Q. [sc_embed_player

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Kanyini Completes Critical Testing

South Australian satellite, Kanyini, has achieved another key milestone with the successful completion of its Environmental Stress Screening ahead of the satellite’s mid-2024 launch.

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