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A Week of Starting Things!

The rough cut of the season one finale is done... now It's time to get serious about production on

Welcome to Version 10 of; Colour Drain Heralds New Era of Australia’s FIRST Star Trek Fan Site

Notice a serious lack of colour around the place? Well, it's designed to set the mood for the upcoming

Curiosity About to ‘Stick the Landing’

With a rover weighing in at just under 900 kilos and a total mission payload of 3, 900kg's ...

More Updates as Returns to 100%

I'm slowly getting around to updating all of the pages on the site. I've decided that the site should Returns!

Just a short note to say that the site is back on-line and being updated. As I have stated

Lest We Forget

ANZAC Day marks the anniversary of the first major military engagement fought by Australian and New Zealand forces during

Eternal Night Production Delayed

Star Trek: Eternal Night's season two production fortnight has been delayed to the end of October.  This is to

The SciFi Sector Is Back!

The SciFi sector is back! But, instead of a fortnightly webcast, I'm going to create episodes when special things happen

Site Updates Resume

Updating the site is back on. Today has been consumed by getting the episode content page design right... and

The Perth Trip

There are three major aims of this weekends cross country trip: - Confirm location for pub scene, and assess venue's

Brand New Teaser Trailer Announced

A brand new trailer is on-line for Eternal Night, and while it doesn't give anything away - it's a

Eternal Night Progress

UPDATE (27/2): It's official - Francessa Boyte joins the cast as Evie Cunningham, the fourth year cadet at the Academy.

A Few Other Tweaks

The "Trek Delta" has been dropped from the logo as part of the relaunch. Also, the rotating image

Release Date: TOS Season One

After trawling through the various backups of the site, I have found The Original Series' first two seasons that

Episode Template Update

While it hasn't been on-line constantly for the past six years, the old layout has been around for at

Evolution of the Eternal Night Logo

Just like the season two script, and the release medium of Eternal Night - the logo has presented an

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